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Angelo B. Henderson has been with Radio One Detroit for 15 years and was the host of the popular talk show “Your Voice with Angelo Henderson” on Newstalk AM1200/99.9FM WCHB for the past 6 years. (Photo from WCHB AM 1200)


Pulitzer Prize winner and radio talk show host Angelo B. Henderson dies at 51

UPDATE: Funeral Arrangements for Rev. Angelo B. Henderson

Public Viewing:
Swanson Funeral Home 14751 W. Mc Nichols Rd. Det. Sat. and Sun. Feb 22, 12:00 noon - 8:00 pm

Family Hour: Greater Grace Temple 23500 W. 7 Mile Rd. Det. Mon., Feb 24,10:00 am. Homegoing Service: 11:00 am

DETROIT (Tell Us Det) - Rev. Angelo B. Henderson, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, radio host, community activist, and associate minister at Triumph Church, has died. The cause of death, at this time is unknown

Angelo was strongly supported in all of his endeavors by his wife, Felicia, an award-winning assistant managing editor at The Detroit News and his son, Grant, a talented basketball player and student, who Angelo frequently bragged about.

Angelo B. Henderson was a print and broadcast journalist for over 24 years. He was an active proponent for the betterment of the Detroit community and was recognized as such. Also known as “Rev. Angelo,” because he was ordained in ministry by Dr. Charles G. Adams in December 2003.

He was the co-founder of The Detroit 300, and he was named one of the “Men of Excellence 2011” by the Michigan Chronicle, and was recognized as WXYZ Channel 7’s “Person of the Week” as part of its Detroit 20/20 feature. Most recently Angelo was celebrated as the 2013-2014 “Humanitarian of the Year” by My Sister’s Keeper, a non-profit that helps battered women shelters.

Mayor Duggan released this statement Saturday afternoon, "Detroiters have lost one of their strongest voices today. Few people have worked as passionately and tirelessly to improve this community than Angelo Henderson. Through his radio program, his ministry and his personal community service, everything Angelo did was meant to uplift our city and its people. In his time with us, he touched countless lives, including my own. My heart goes out to Angelo's family and to the thousands of fans he considered family."

Henderson was the host of “Your Voice with Angelo Henderson,” on WCHB-1200, one of Detroit’s most popular news talk radio shows owned by Radio One Detroit. He is also the founder of Angelo Ink, a writing, speaking and media consulting firm.

“His larger than life personality is visible through his time as an award-winning journalist and radio host,” commented Rev. Kinloch of the Triumph Church, “but internally, we also knew Angelo to be a tireless worker behind the scenes whose heart for people in metropolitan Detroit drove him to do monumental things in support of the community.”

One of Rev. Henderson's last postings on Facebook:

“Hey Ya’ll – I felt (and continue to feel) your prayers! I felt completely covered spiritually by the love and support and kindness of MY friends and my FAM! Yeah –WITHOUT QUESTION — my FB Cuz’ns and my “Your Voice” listeners are MY FAM too and ya’ll can’t do anything about it! I’m up taking my meds and getting an ice treatment. Grant came home from college to help ‘Pops’ so Felecia and “G” are indeed holding it down. Back to rest…..thanks again for caring! It’s just like the gratefulness I have for you all as radio listeners. You don’t have to do either – but I’m blessed because you all do both.”

At age 51, Rev. Angelo B. Henderson died much too young! But trust me, St. Peter, heaven won’t be the same again now that Angelo has passed through those pearly gates!


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