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  Detroit area Clergy, community leaders condemn hatred, bigotry displayed in Charlottesville

By Trey Battle
Tell Us USA News Network

DETROIT (Tell Us USA) - In the wake of protests in Charlottesville, VA. and an increased tone of racial bigotry, prejudice and hatred across the nation, clergy from across Metro Detroit united to pledge their commitment against white nationalism and supremacy.

Under overcast sky's, Reverend Nicholas Hood III, Senior Pastor of Plymouth United Church of Christ in Detroit, Michigan, led a Press Conference, attended by clergy of different faiths and ethnicities. Just beyond the steps of the church, approximately 45 religious representatives stood and expressed their displeasure with the protests, fighting and resulting death of a woman and hundreds of injured people.

“Plymouth United Church of Christ has a proud history of community activism and today’s press conference is a continued effort to heal the nation”, says Reverend Hood.

With racism, hatred and bigotry being passively expressed by white nationalist and their supporters, leadership by the ecumenical community is critical. Citizens of this nation, who have historically been marginalized, know all too well what this climate of negativity can lead to.

“We can no longer stand by and watch the deterioration of the progress that has been made in this country, in terms of race relations and civil rights” says Council Member Mary Sheffield.

This event was meant to send a message of solidarity and to call on the nation’s political administration to deescalate and work to decrease, the racial discourse in America.







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