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Detroit Chess Club, Detroit Young Thinkers to recognize chess, class excellence

DIA event includes ‘Dream Team,’ guest speaker from Usher’s New Look Foundation

DETROIT - Dozens of the best K-12 Detroit chess players, their coaches and a Hall of Fame recipient will be honored Friday, June 13, 2014 at an event taking place at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The 5:30- 7 p.m. event, hosted by the Detroit City Chess Club (DCCC) & Young Detroit Thinkers, is sponsored by UAW-Ford. The community guest speaker will be Jarvis-Larue Brown who is the Detroit/Los Angeles program coordinator for Usher’s New Look Foundation. The event is free with museum admission, which is free for residents of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.

Just as “dream teams” and all-city teams are chosen in athletics, these top scholastic chess players are being recognized for demonstrating excellence in the chess world and in the classroom. “Many students don’t have the ability or interest in sports, but they can do other things like play chess, where they're using their minds for analyzing, concentrating, focusing, reasoning, planning, memorizing, creating, and above all, solving problems,” said Kevin Fite, DCCC founder. “These are all qualities we want in our children, and chess kids exhibit these qualities at the highest levels.”

Members of the “Dream Team” being honored are:
Torrance Henry (captain) - University Prep Science & Math
Lauren Bradford - University Prep Science & Math
Emilio Estell  - King High School
Eric Hobson - Chrysler Elementary
Marcus Badgett - Cass Technical High School
Lamar Price - Ludington Middle
Dorrian Smalley - Ludington Middle
Bryan Wilson - University Prep Science & Math
Stephen Washington Jr -. Cornerstone Nevada
Micale Anthony Garland - Bates Academy

Chevelle Downs will be recognized as Coach of the Year and John R. Brooks will receive the Harold Steen Hall of Fame award.

In addition to the Dream Team, 40 students are being recognized in the following categories:
1st and 2nd Teams All-City Chess High School
1st and 2nd Teams All-City Chess Jr. High School
1st and 2nd Teams All-City Chess Elementary
1st and 2nd Teams All-City Chess Primary
Honorable Mention

About Detroit City Chess Club
Detroit City Chess Club was founded by Kevin Fite in 2003 and began as a lunchtime & afterschool activity at the former Detroit Duffield Elementary School. DCCC has grown into a metro Detroit area organization and practices and provides instruction to the public at the DIA most Friday evenings. Members range from 5 to 18 years of age, and many hold impressive national Members of the club have won national, regional and state competitions. Several members currently hold impressive national rankings. The clubs’ mission is to teach area students the game of chess and all the life lessons it has to offer. One of the most important lessons, according to Fite, is “to teach children to think critically and make good judgments.”

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